Connected Healthcare: Impact Analysis

The study quantifies benefits of digitalization and automation for health management

«Connected Healthcare: impact analysis» reports four cases in which connectivity, digitalization, interoperability, intelligent automation and reorganization of processes allow for better management decisions. Among the identified and quantified impacts in the study are the reduction of clinical risk, the better use of available resources and the increase in the quality of service, associated with significant financial benefits, which in an average scenario would translate into 60 million Euros per year of benefits for the public sector if they were introduced into the National Health Service.

The study is the result of the “Connected Healthcare” initiative, created by COTEC as part of the implementation of the measures of the National Strategy for the Digitalization of the Economy – Industry 4.0 Programme, in a partnership with the Ministry of Economy. “Connected Healthcare”, an industry collaboration initiative, is participated by Bluepharma, the Cascais Hospital Centre, the São João Hospital Centre, IBM, José de Mello Saúde, the Germano de Sousa group, Glintt, GS1 Portugal, Cascais Hospital, Vila Franca de Xira Hospital, Multicare, Neadvance, Pathena, the Ministry of Health’s Shared Services and Siemens.