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What kind of Cookies do we use?

COTEC uses the following types of cookies:

a) Session cookies – These are temporary cookies that remain in your Internet browser’s cookies until you leave the site. The information they store allows them to securely manage the various operations performed by you during a session to access our website.

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The cookies used by COTEC have different functions:

a) Essential cookies – Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of our website. They allow you to browse the site and use its applications, such as accessing secure areas of the site through login. Without these cookies, certain services cannot be provided. In general, user consent is not required to install essential cookies on your device when you access the site.

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This Website does not use Targeting Cookies to promote targeted advertising to our visitors.

The cookies used by COTEC can also come in two types:

a) First party cookies – These are cookies placed and managed by COTEC.

b) Third party cookies – These are cookies placed and managed by third parties. As they are controlled by third parties, it is not possible to guarantee that the list below remains unchanged. You can, in any case, control or prevent access to these cookies under the terms below.

What can you do to control the use of cookies?

Internet browsers allow you to exercise some control over the use of cookies, through the respective settings.

Most browsers allow you to block cookies or block cookies from specific websites. Browsers can also help you delete cookies when you close your browser.

However, we caution you that this may mean that any preferences set on the website may be lost.

To learn more about cookies, including what cookies are, how to manage them and how to delete them, visit, which also includes information on how to manage your settings for various browser providers.

Email Communications

To assess the relevance of our communications, we can use monitoring technologies to determine whether our visitors have read, clicked on links or forwarded certain communications via email sent by us. In case of disagreement with this process, our users should unsubscribe from our emails, since it is not possible to send these emails without these active monitoring mechanisms. Registered subscribers can update their communication preferences at any time by contacting us using this email form, or they can cancel their subscription, following the instructions in the communication email sent by us to their email address.

We are always available to answer your questions.

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Changes to the Cookie Policy

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