A New Architecture of Business Innovation

Resulting from a partnership between COTEC Portugal and EY-Parthenon, the Report “A New Architecture for Business Innovation in Portugal” identifies the weaknesses of companies in exploring new growth opportunities and shows that it is possible to plan business growth through innovation.

The Report presents a new benchmark for transforming a business and generating new growth horizons for the future, generated from the business of the Present. We hope that this new innovation management tool can contribute to a more structured planning process for the next stages of growth and thus obtain greater returns from innovation processes.

Following the development of the report, COTEC Portugal developed two digital tools to support the management of Innovation portfolios.

You can access the two management tools for Innovation portfolios, in the area  COTEC Tools.

You can consult the following documents in the resources area:
Executive Summary (in Portuguese)
Executive Summary (in English)

You can watch the following content in the resources area:
Innovation SunSet