Innovation Meets Cybersecurity

Conference organized jointly with the Portuguese Diaspora Council, the National Cybersecurity Centre and the University of Maryland Baltimore County, dedicated to the theme “Innovation Meets Cybersecurity: the public-private cooperation challenge”.

The central objective of this international conference, which brought together specialists from different institutions and companies, was to debate and share experiences on how to combine innovation and resilience in an increasingly digital world.

As the digitization of the economy expands, so do the contact surfaces and, consequently, the cyber risks, and it is necessary to adopt an integrated and coordinated resilience strategy. This issue is particularly relevant in view of the recent European legislative changes that regulate the activity of all companies with regard to cybersecurity.

The directive on the security of information and network systems (NIS), adopted in August 2016, is the first EU legislation on cybersecurity. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) harmonizes data privacy in Europe and is currently in force, with high penalties for non-compliant companies.

Conference topics:

  • Deepen the understanding of risk from the perspective of the organization’s critical objectives and assets;
  • Mobilize and organize for resilience;
  • Promote and sustain a culture of safety in all functions of the organization, making this culture a priority;
  • Reconcile innovation and digital security practices;
  • Cooperation between the public and private sector.

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