Training for Innovation

This project aimed to reinforce the companies’ skills for the management of their innovation processes, both internally and in their relationship with external partners, using methodologies and tools for diagnosis, benchmarking and good practices.

Based on the experience of applying the Innovation Scoring® system, COTEC had the support of COMPETE2020 (within the scope of SIAC – Collective Action Support System) and the active involvement of its Associates for the evolution of concepts and the experience of use of the tool launched in 2007. The emergence of international guidelines on innovation diagnostic systems also justified an update and harmonization of this national reference with those international guidelines.

1. Analysis of the application of the innovation diagnostic instrument, Innovation Scoring®

With the Innovation Scoring® 1.0 being almost 10 years old, the evaluation of the model became pertinent, which was the basis for the design of a new generation of the system.

Consult: Innovation Scoring Model Assessment Report®

2. New Innovation Scoring® system

A version 2.0 of Innovation Scoring® was developed, with evolution of the conceptual framework, web design, feedback report, benchmarking and presentation of good practices.

– The Innovation Scoring® promotional page
– The Innovation Scoring® internet platform 
Practical Completion Manual  for Innovation Scoring®
Innovation Management® Best Practices Manual 
Partner Networks which use the Innovation Scoring® system as an innovation assessment tool

In order to disseminate and clarify organizations about the new Innovation Scoring®, COTEC has already carried out more than two dozen training and skills building actions.

3. Production of the study “Destination: Growth and Innovation – The impact of innovation on the economic and financial performance of SMEs and their growth”

The analysis of performance of the main dimensions of the innovation process also led to the production of knowledge about the impact of innovation on the economic and financial performance of National SMEs.

– The Executive Summary
– The Summary in English
– The full version of the study on the economic performance of innovative SMEs  and the constraints to their growth
– Detail of the study on the economic and financial performance of innovative SMEs
Detail on the study on the constraints to the growth of innovative SMEs

The dissemination of this work led to the organization of a road show, entitled ‘Innovation and Growth’, which passed through Braga, Coimbra, Évora, Lisbon, Marinha Grande, Porto and Viseu, where companies were able to access information on assessment and financing instruments for innovation, as well as good business practices.

With an investment amount of more than 538 thousand Euros, the Training for Innovation project was financed by COMPETE2020, within the scope of the Operational Competitiveness and Internationalization Programme supported by the ERDF, in the amount of 457.6 thousand Euros.

The Training for Innovation Management project was completed in October 2017.