COTEC Europe

The COTEC Europe Meetings are held annually in Spain, Italy and Portugal, on a rotating basis, and have as their main objective providing founding representatives or associates of COTEC organizations in the three countries (Fundación COTEC, Fondazione COTEC and COTEC Portugal) with an opportunity for reflection and dialogue on common problems and specific needs of companies and economies in the three countries, in the European context.

In addressing the main challenges of innovation in these Member States, COTEC Europe’s main objective is to present concrete proposals that influence Community policies, taking into account the realities of the countries of Southern Europe.

List of Events

14th Meeting – The Transition to the Intangible Economy in Europe – May 17th, 2021, Málaga

13th Meeting – PA 4.0: Rethinking Public Administration for a Digital World – May 7th, 2019, Naples

12th Meeting – WORK 4.0 – Rethinking the Human-Technology Alliance – 7th February, 2018, Mafra

11th Meeting – Innovating for a Circular Economy in Europe – 10th February, 2017, Madrid

10th Meeting – Reindustrialization 28th October, 2015, Rome

9th Meeting – Reindustrialization – 12th February, 2014, Lisbon

8th Meeting – Innovation in SMEs – 3rd October, 2012, Madrid

7th Meeting – 13th October, 2011, Genoa

6th Meeting – 7th October, 2010, Porto

5th Meeting – 28th October, 2009, Madrid

4th Meeting – June 2008, Naples

3rd Meeting – 17th July, 2007, Lisbon

2nd Meeting – 16th February, 2016, Madrid

1st Meeting – Innovation in Europe – 12th May 2005, Rome