Digital Innovation Hubs

A Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a service to support companies to become more competitive in the digital sphere, in order to improve their production processes, through automation or incorporation of disruptive technologies. Acting as a one-stop shop, its aim is to serve companies, taking into account their regional proximity, and allow access to the latest knowledge, experience and technology for testing and experiments, as well as providing commercial and financial support to implement innovations throughout business, production process or product or service level.

DIHs are one of the main priorities of the ‘Digitising European Industry’ initiative, adopted in April 2016, and will also play a central role in the ‘Digital Europe’ Programme, in the new community funding cycle. COTEC Portugal has been participating, since 2017, in meetings promoted by the European Commission, namely in the Working Group dedicated to the development of the European Digital Innovation Hubs network. COTEC Portugal thus seeks to encourage the creation of a national network of DIHs, having already mapped this network, working to ensure rapid accessibility, visibility and provision of the main services that respond to the needs of the business fabric. COTEC Portugal has also acted as a facilitator of the connection and interaction with European DIHs.


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