IP Management Clinic

IP Management Clinic (IPMC) reaches Europe for the first time through the partnership between COTEC Portugal and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The pilot project supports internationally growing companies in the management and protection of their intangible assets and industrial property rights.

The 3-month program has been developed by WIPO to ensure that SME and Startups identified as having potential to grow receive the right guidance and advice through one-on-one expert advice and training in respect of IP management, commercialization and marketing and on how to deploy their IP assets into their wider business strategy.

The IP experts will organize one-on-one sessions with assigned companies (number of sessions and companies to be determined upon company selection) and provide support in development of IP strategies. The experts will cover the following areas of IP Management, Commercialization and Internationalization:

  • IP Protection (portfolio management/evaluation)
  • IP Commercialization (licensing, selling, franchising, contracts etc.)
  • IP Management (strategic and systematic handling of IP assets) 
  • IP Risks (Research, Confidential information, Ownership, Monitoring, Litigation, Enforcement)
  • IP Focused Financials (IP valuation, IP budgeting, etc.)
  • Global IP protection (IP expansion)
  • IP and Business touch points (Integrated IP strategy with business strategy, marketing and branding strategies, internationalization)

A business experts will advise on IP integrated business model, marketing, branding and financing strategies in the selected industries and will lead the workshop session for the companies in which business questions arising from the work with the IP experts will be discussed.

The expected contribution from the selected companies is to provide information on current business and IP situation as well as time commitment to take part in the sessions.

Applications are now closed.

For more information contact: comunicacao@cotec.pt